Someone tried to troll Southwest airlines. They responded perfectly

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Thursday 13 April 2017 16:00

Among the more serious stories about the passenger who was forcibly removed a United Airlines aircraft, comes some lighter news.

As the law suit against United Airlines took off, this woman decided to have some fun with one of their competitors.

On Tuesday Juan, whose handle on Twitter is @xadoringpaige, contacted Southwest Airlines with a complaint.

She faked an abusive encounter with a member of the cabin crew.

The customer service representative for Southwest, 'Linnea' was presumably on high alert for such complaints.

So Linnea was extremely apologetic.

Juan explained the complaint, essentially describing moments from the music video of 'Toxic', an absolute banger by Britney Spears.

(The bit where she's a flight attendant, not the bit where she's wearing a Swarovski kaftan)

Juan revealed the identity of the rude 'flight attendant'.

Linnea had the perfect response.

Opps[sic] she did it again

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