Huge GTA 6 Easter egg found in latest GTA Online update

Huge GTA 6 Easter egg found in latest GTA Online update
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An eagle-eyed GTA Online player has spotted a GTA 6 Easter egg in the new summer update called Bottom Dollar Bounties.

Rockstar Games' latest update for GTA Online went live at the end of June with a new story arc where players take on the role of a bounty hunter along with a load of fresh in-game content these updates usually have.

One of those updates includes clothing and accessories players can kit out their character with, and an eagle-eyed player has noticed one piece of new jewellery in the game that looks rather familiar...

Reddit user DogWifDreads posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit that they "noticed a small detail" in that the new silver layered necklace is identical to the one the bikini-clad blonde woman is seen wearing in the GTA 6 trailer.

from GTA6

The user posted: "Dunno if anyone else has caught this but I was rewatching a trailer breakdown and I noticed that the necklaces seen here in the trailer have been added in GTAO with the Bottom Dollar Bounties DLC."

Other social media users were impressed with the find.

One user commented: "Wow an actual good post. "

"This is a kinda cool thing to point out. I like that they're giving us tiny taste of it," said another.

Another user posted: "Good catch."

A composite image of screenshots from the GTA 6 trailer and GTA Online gameplay in which the same necklace has been spotted / Rockstar Games

Any news on GTA 6 has gone quiet at the moment - the latest update on it came from Take-Two, the American holding company that owns Rockstar Games, from an earnings call in May in which it revealed GTA 6 will be released in Autumn 2025.

The only other official announcements came when the game itself was confirmed late in 2023 along with a record-breaking trailer dropping in December of that year too.

There continues to be a lot of speculation and rumours surrounding the game.

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