Gamers think GTA 6 is 'too woke' for them

Gamers think GTA 6 is 'too woke' for them

'GTA VI' Trailer Releases Early After Leak

Cheddar / VideoElephant

After years of waiting, fans have finally got their first look at Grand Theft Auto 6, with the trailer pulling in 67 million views within the first 24 hours.

And whilst most of the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, some have decided to be mad about a woman being at the forefront, spreading rumours that Lucia is trans, and getting angry that Black people exist.

"This is white replacement theory," one ridiculous comment under the trailer read. Whilst another wrote, "Not a single white person in this trailer. Big surprise." On Twitter/X, one user compiled screengrabs of Black characters writing "It's all so tiresome".

These reactions come despite, according to the US census, Miami is actually incredibly diverse, which is what Vice City (where GTA 6 is set) is based on.

66 per cent of the Miami Gardens population is Black, while Hispanics make up 30.8 per cent. Whilst there are areas, such as Miami Beach and Miami City, that have majority white populations, GTA 6 drew a lot of inspiration from Gardens in particular.

Twitter/X has been flooded with many making fun of the sensitive snowflakes who seemingly can't handle the realistic elements of the game.

"Guess people want GTA6 to be based in West Virginia, Vermont, or Maine where it's like 90% white people," wrote one user.

"Do they know it's based in MIAMI?" Another added.

Whilst a third wrote: "Stop being racist delinquents, not everything should be centred around white people."

The dedicated subreddit to the game has been removing racist posts.

Lucia, one of the main protagonists of the game, is rumoured to be transgender, despite there being no basis to this claims (and the fact it wouldn't matter if she were).

"If Lucia really is trans I ain't playing the story, f**k that shit..." wrote one user.

Another user shared screenshots of people getting angry over the possibility of her being trans.

Despite a select minority getting worked up over nothing, the trailer has amassed over 7 million likes, showing an overwhelmingly positive reception.

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