Insane GTA 6 trailer details discovered in real-life Florida remake

Insane GTA 6 trailer details discovered in real-life Florida remake
I Recreated the GTA VI Trailer in Real Life

Behind-the-scenes footage of a real-life remake of the GTA 6 trailer has uncovered insane levels of detail in it, from how buildings are connected down to the correct positioning of lifeguard towers on Miami Beach.

Andrew Levitt and Jacob Phillips have previously recreated digital content in real life, such as the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer, Apple MacOS wallpapers and the Windows XP wallpaper.

Andrew posted a video on his YouTube channel eight months ago to say he would not be uploading any more videos and would be posting different content on another account.

But he recently posted a behind-the-scenes video for a real-life remake of the trailer, also on his channel, explaining that because of the amount of hype around the GTA 6 trailer, he had to "come out of retirement" to make this.

Doing what they could, Andrew and Jacob visited Miami, Florida for a week to recreate the trailer shot-for-shot and it has gone viral, recording almost 300k views in four days at the time of writing.

In the behind-the-scenes video, Andrew explains some of the difficulties they encountered, such as getting drone shots absolutely spot on, waiting for a dad to dance on a boat, driving five hours for a one-second shot, trying to find out where in the Everglades the airboat shot is filmed and having to resist paying more than $4,500 to rent a rooftop apartment for the night to capture the blonde bombshell in a bikini shot.

That adjacent apartment itself that's actually seen in the trailer is listed for just under $20m.

But the video also highlighted just how accurately detailed the GTA 6 trailer itself is.

Going to all the different locations in person they could, Andrew and Jacob found so many impressive details.

These include the positioning and the look of the lifeguard tower on Miami Beach, a connection with a hole between buildings, 'Breakwater' being called 'Boardwalk' and the partial collapse of a causeway,

Breakwater is called Boardwalk in the trailerAndrew Levitt, YouTube / Rockstar Games

How the lifeguard tower on Miami Beach comparesRockstar Games / Andrew Levitt, YouTube

How a building compares in MiamiRockstar Games / Andrew Levitt, YouTube

Details of a causeway collapsing have been includedRockstar Games / Andrew Levitt, YouTube

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