GTA 6 fans find Bonnie and Clyde link in second trailer 'release date'

GTA 6 fans find Bonnie and Clyde link in second trailer 'release date'
A PlayStation developer has revealed a long list of new ‘Grand Theft …
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A link has been made between the release date for the expected second Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer and a key Bonnie and Clyde anniversary.

Bonnie and Clyde were American bandits who travelled across the US with their gang during the Great Depression.

They were renowned for bank robberies and multiple murders before being ambushed by police and shot dead in Louisiana on May 23 1934; Bonnie was 23-years-old and Clyde was 25.

A lot of fans have likened Lucia and Jason, the two main characters portrayed in the GTA 6 trailer, to that of Bonnie and Clyde.

And it's led a Reddit user to predict that a second GTA 6 trailer could be released on the 90th anniversary of their deaths, which will be May 23 2024 (the original poster (OP) recognised in the comments they made a typo in the main caption).

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It got a lot of people commenting.

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from GTA6
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Another Reddit post that's got a lot of users talking is the potential use of AI in GTA 6.

Developer Rockstar Games updated its terms of service a few weeks ago, and these changes came into effect at the end of February.

One of the clauses, 8.2, is about 'auto-generated players'.

It says: "As part of the Services, we may offer you the opportunity to play with your friends or other matched opponents.

"To ensure that you have available opponents at the right skill level, some of these matched opponents may be auto-generated, computer-controlled players that look and play like real people."

It appears real players are now able to play with AI players on GTA Online in missions, for example, that would have required several real players to complete.

And a Reddit user says this 'may be applied' to GTA 6 too.

from GTA6

This went down well with others.

from GTA6
from GTA6
from GTA6

Another theory on GTA 6 that got a lot of people talking is that a job ad posted by Rockstar Games seems to have narrowed down the release window for the game.

Another theory about the game itself has come from a Reddit user who had a 'hot take' about one of the main characters seen in the trailer released by Rockstar which broke all sorts of YouTube records when it dropped in December last year.

A leak has speculated on some of the playable features and minigames that could be included and it's 'likely' a brand new PlayStation console will be available in time for the game's release too.

These are all just leaks, rumours and theories at this time, with no official update from Rockstar yet.

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