Fresh GTA 6 leaks show exciting minigame & new trailer date

Fresh GTA 6 leaks show exciting minigame & new trailer date
A PlayStation developer has revealed a long list of new ‘Grand Theft …
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Although it's at least 10 months before one of the most highly-anticipated games of all time in Grand Theft Auto 6 will be released and available to play, the rumour mill is in full swing.

Rockstar Games broke all sorts of YouTube records when it dropped its first GTA 6 trailer in December last year, announcing the game would be on sale at some point in 2025; it currently has 177m views at the time of writing on YouTube alone.

It's 'likely' a brand new PlayStation console will be available in time for the game's release too.

A number of new 'leaks' and rumours have found their way onto the fastening conveyor belt, including speculation as to when the latest trailer could be dropped, a release date plus some of what's expected to be in the game.

X / Twitter user @GTAVI_Countdown speculates the latest announcement from Rockstar Games could be in May, which might include a trailer, but also says it could include screenshots and details of a release date instead.

A post reads: "GTA 6’s next announcement is expected to be in May, before Take-Two’s final quarter earnings call, where they will report full FY24 (financial year) results and reveal their plans for FY25 (games releasing before April 2025)."

Take-Two is an American video game holding company whose labels include 2K and Rockstar Games, which releases the Grand Theft Auto series.

The thread continues that the chief financial officer at Take-Two is reported as saying 'FY25 is still looking huge with more than $7 billion in net bookings with a groundbreaking pipeline, hinting that GTA 6 is still on track to launch in early 2025'.

"The May announcement doesn’t necessarily have to be Trailer 2 but could be new screenshots, pre-orders or a release date similar to what Rockstar did with RDR2 (Red Dead Redemption 2) when they announced the release date to be in Spring 2018 just a day before T2’s (Take-Two's) final quarter earnings call," the thread concludes.

Some fans already think they have worked out the GTA 6 release date because of a detail in the trailer.

from GTA6

The latest batch of leaks and rumours to emerge don't end there, with some details of what will be included within the game itself appearing online too.

In November last year, a Reddit user created the account Well_Look_Whos_Back, and correctly predicted the track used in the trailer shortly before it was released.

The user's identity has been widely speculated, with suggestions ranging from a Rockstar Games developer to the possibility of the same user who leaked gameplay footage.

It's also said the same user revealed gameplay features too, such as 3v3 basketball, dual wielding weapons, gore and dismemberment, different colour sunsets for Miami (where the game is based), it will be harder to carjack, the gameplay in the trailer is from an old build and no-one will know what the real map looks like until it comes out.

To be clear, these are just leaks and rumours at this time, with no official update from Rockstar Games just yet.

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