GTA 6 theory could reveal main character 'curveball'

GTA 6 theory could reveal main character 'curveball'
A PlayStation developer has revealed a long list of new ‘Grand Theft …
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A Reddit user has come up with a theory on one of the main characters featured in the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer that's got a lot of people talking.

There is a brief scene when Jason follows Lucia through a store, seemingly about to rob it together as both have balaclavas on and are walking with intent.

Reddit user _RealityBoat has come up with a 'hot take' that Jason might actually be the "loose cannon in this story and Lucia is the (relatively) calm level headed protagonist" - based on a quick look he gives to Lucia during this scene.

The user says Lucia has laser-like focus walking through the store, whereas Jason starts the scene looking forward, then shifting his gaze the back of Lucia's head, before looking forward again.

A lot of speculation so far has been that Lucia is the leader of the couple and the one appearing to take more risks, with a scene in the trailer asking if there is 'trust' from Jason.

But _RealityBoat has come up with a different, quite lengthy theory.

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_RealityBoat posts: "I think Jason will be more paranoid then he is cautious.

"There is an important distinction in that a cautious person will avoid the danger if there's a lot of risk, while a paranoid person’s anxiety may turn into aggression or radical decision making if they perceive they’ve been, or are soon to be, compromised.

"This isn’t to say Jason won’t be cautious when considering plans but I believe he will be less rational than Lucia when they’re actually in the situation and things get shaky.

"I think Jason's paranoia would also play a crucial role in the theme of trust."

Some Reddit users agree the theory seems plausible, and suggested alternative theories of their own.

from GTA6

from GTA6

from GTA6

But other users cooled the theory and speculation into the character.

from GTA6

from GTA6

from GTA6

It must be said these are all theories and speculation at this time, with no update yet from Rockstar Games.

The latest tease has been from American rapper Schoolboy Q, who has hinted at a possible appearance in the game, either on GTA radio or as a character cameo.

Another recent potential leak of a musician that will feature in the game is Anita Ward, whose artist picture is now the GTA 6 logo - it was previously the banner; she's best known for the song 'Ring My Bell'.

Rockstar Games broke all sorts of YouTube records when it dropped its first GTA 6 trailer in December last year and it currently has 177m views at the time of writing on YouTube alone.

It's 'likely' a brand new PlayStation console will be available in time for the game's release too.

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