GTA 6 release date 'leaked' by Rockstar Games job ad

GTA 6 release date 'leaked' by Rockstar Games job ad
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A job ad posted by Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games appears to have narrowed down the release date for GTA 6.

Gamers are looking for any details they can get their hands on about GTA 6, which is set to be one of the most highly anticipated games of all time.

And the latest 'leak' seems to have come from Rockstar itself, with Reddit user TwistLT breaking down what it means.

The games developer posted a job ad for a Localisation Tester - Russian on a 12-month fixed-term contract.

It says: "Rockstar Lincoln is on the lookout for talented Localisation Testers who possess a passion for linguistics and game localisation.

"This is a 12-month fixed-term contract position based onsite at Rockstar’s unique game development studio in Lincoln, UK."

Responsibilities for the position include 'provide consultation during internationalisation, to aid with font selection, character support, texture review, UI design and prototyping, etc', 'proofread all translated text for all products and services' and 'perform localisation QA to ensure final product quality is as high as possible'.

It's the final responsibility mentioned there that's led to Reddit user TwistLT thinking this could translate as 'suggesting GTA 6 will be released in the next 12 months' because of the use of the phrase 'final product'.

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The post says: "(Rockstar) probably wouldn't hire a language tester just for them to leave in March 2025 and have the game released late 2025, as the game would probably need more testing by then."

While some theories on Reddit have received a backlash, and this one does have some sceptics, the majority of users seem to agree this theory has legs.

from GTA6
from GTA6
from GTA6
from GTA6
from GTA6

Another theory on GTA 6 that got a lot of people talking has come from a Reddit user who had a 'hot take' about one of the main characters seen in the trailer released by Rockstar which broke all sorts of YouTube records when it dropped in December last year.

A tease has come from American rapper Schoolboy Q, who has hinted at a possible appearance in the game, either on GTA radio or as a character cameo.

Another recent potential leak of a musician that will feature in the game is Anita Ward, whose artist picture is now the GTA 6 logo - it was previously the banner; she's best known for the song 'Ring My Bell'.

Another leak has speculated on some of the playable features and minigames that could be included.

It's 'likely' a brand new PlayStation console will be available in time for the game's release too.

These are all just leaks, rumours and theories at this time, with no official update from Rockstar yet.

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