What jobs would GTA characters have in real life

What jobs would GTA characters have in real life
The ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ (‘GTA VI’) release window has been narrowed …
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Grand Theft Auto protagonists, such as Tommy Vercetti, Big Smoke and Trevor Philips, are famous for starring roles in one of the most iconic gaming series ever.

Games in the series are open-world action-adventure games, with a focus on crime set in fictional locations based on real-life ones usually across America, with players taking these characters on a journey as they work their way up through the ranks.

Such is its popularity that GTA 6 is fast becoming the most highly-anticipated game of all time - and all that's been officially released by Rockstar so far is a trailer and release date of 2025.

But what jobs would these characters have in real life and if they were to lead lives away from crime?

Yugo, a student living operator brand, has used AI to reimagine some of GTA's most prolific characters picturing how they would look in the modern day based on their roles in the original games.

Trevor Philips as a private pilot

Starting with Trevor Philips, he's one of the three main protagonists in GTA 5.

With his storyline leaving hints he was previously a military pilot, Trevor's aeronautical obsession would have been sure to influence his life after GTA.

In 2024, after reforming from his former lifestyle, Trevor would be well suited as a private pilot.

Michael De Santa as a director

Another GTA 5 protagonist is Michael De Santa.

Michael would have had time to process what happened in the game, leaving his past self behind and reigniting his true passions of family, film and fantasy.

He expresses his love for films and this, alongside his detail-orientated brain, leadership mentality and enthusiasm for a great story would lead to his perfect career in directing.

Franklin Clinton as a vet alongside Chop

The final GTA 5 protagonist of the three is Franklin Clinton.

He's known for his absurd levels of ambition, calmness in a sticky situation and iconic canine companion Chop.

Following his past, Franklin's cool, calm and collected personality, alongside his love for dogs, and feelings of a higher purpose, mean he would be a brilliant vet.

Niko Bellic as a therapist for veterans

Moving away from GTA 5, the main protagonist in GTA 4 is Niko Bellic.

In contrast to the usual association of GTA characters, Niko is seen to be empathetic, controlled and rational, avoiding conflict where possible, preferring a soft drink and showing maturity for his age.

This, paired with his history, could lead to his reformation - eventually leading him to help others as a therapist for other veterans.

Big Smoke as a chef

Now, while not the main character of GTA: San Andreas, Big Smoke is the second protagonist and an iconic character who loved to eat.

He's probably best known for his order at The Cluckin' Bell, which a fair number of gamers can recite by heart.

What better career for a character that loves food than a chef?

Tommy Vercetti as kingpin of a club empire

And last, but by no means least, is GTA: Vice City's Tommy Vercetti.

Despite fierce loyalty to friends, he comes across as independent and prefers to be his own boss - and loves money and Miami above all else.

Tommy wouldn't suit anything else but a leadership role in 2024 and could be the kingpin of a swanky club empire.

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