GTA 5 drops new free story DLC

GTA 5 drops new free story DLC
GTA Online Official The Cluckin Bell Farm Raid Trailer
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While leaks and rumours continue about the highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 game out in 2025, Rockstar Games has just released new story DLC playable on GTA 5.

Fans seem to be aching to learn as much as they can about GTA 6 ahead of its release, but its developer continues to release content for GTA Online that's playable on GTA 5, which first released back in 2013.

The latest story update that's dropped is called Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid.

Rockstar released the trailer on March 1, selling gamers to 'take on corrupt LSPD cops and a dangerous new cartel', with the content playable from March 7.

The update on Rockstar's website said: "Carry out an elaborate scheme to expose a ring of unprecedented corruption.

"You’ve already received a call from former Diamond Casino head of security turned LSPD officer Vincent Effenburger - now you’ll have the opportunity to work together in an unorthodox, but profitable, collaboration to take down a new cartel running a large-scale operation out of the Cluckin' Bell factory in Paleto Bay.

"Help Vincent bust the case wide open in this action-packed new story update as you take on corrupt LSPD cops as well as a dangerous new cartel that's set up shop and is using the Cluckin' Bell corporation's factory farm complex as a front.

"The Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid will also feature new vehicles for players to acquire and customise, including the ferocious Bravado Gauntlet Interceptor Law Enforcement Vehicle."

But when the trailer for the new DLC dropped on X / Twitter, a number of users were hoping for more updates on GTA 6.

The latest theory on GTA 6 that's got a lot of people talking has come from a Reddit user who has a 'hot take' about one of the main characters seen in the trailer released by Rockstar which broke all sorts of YouTube records when it dropped in December last year.

A tease has come from American rapper Schoolboy Q, who has hinted at a possible appearance in the game, either on GTA radio or as a character cameo.

Another recent potential leak of a musician that will feature in the game is Anita Ward, whose artist picture is now the GTA 6 logo - it was previously the banner; she's best known for the song 'Ring My Bell'.

Another leak has speculated on some of the playable features and minigames that could be included.

It's 'likely' a brand new PlayStation console will be available in time for the game's release too.

These are just leaks and rumours at this time, with no official update from Rockstar yet.

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