Metroid Prime 4: Beyond running on Switch 2 rumours answered

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond running on Switch 2 rumours answered
Metroid Prime 4 Beyond Official Announcement Trailer
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Rumours have been circling over whether Metroid Prime 4: Beyond offered the world a first glimpse of the Switch 2, Nintendo's successor to the Switch.

Ahead of Nintendo Direct June 2024, the Japanese brand made it very clear when announcing when it would be happening that the event would not have an update on the Switch 2.

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond details were revealed right at the end of the event - Nintendo seemingly wanted to end it with a bang and it did just that.

The game was first announced way back in 2017 and any news on it had gone quiet.

But a new trailer revealed a release window of 2025 and a sneak peek of what it will look like in terms of gameplay, the world it's set in and graphics.

Following the announcement, it was heavily speculated that Nintendo may have just given a first glimpse of the Switch 2 because of how it looked.

IGN put this to tech experts at Digital Foundry and the answer to the rumour is no, Metroid Prime 4: Beyond was not running on a Switch 2.

"It's looking great and there are a couple of nice effects in there we took a closer look at but ultimately, all the evidence points to this game running on the original Switch," Digital Foundry's technology editor Richard Leadbetter said.

"The internal rendering resolution counts out at 900p, which is the same as Metroid Prime Remastered. And as good as it is, there are some aliasing issues and even some very minor frame-rate drops.

"I can imagine the development studio is really happy that people are making a connection with Switch 2, mind you.”

As Nintendo said, no glimpse of the Switch successor just yet - although details of it will be revealed before the end of March 2025.

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