Has Resident Evil 9 been announced by Capcom?

Has Resident Evil 9 been announced by Capcom?
A new 'Resident Evil' game has been announced by Capcom
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A director at Capcom, the developers behind the renowned survival horror series Resident Evil, has confirmed a new game in the franchise is in the works.

There have been a number of rumours and lots of speculation that a new Resident Evil title, along with remakes of some fan favourite titles, were in the works but nothing was official.

That's now changed as Koshi Nakanishi said a "new" game in the series is being worked on - but that's all at the moment, there is no further official information than that.

From the official Resident EvilX / Twitter account, a photo of Nakanishi was posted with the caption: "We're making a new Resident Evil."

It comes after a reportedly reputable insider known as 'Dusk Golem' said Resident Evil 9 had been "pushed back to late 2025 / 2026".

At the end of May, Dusk Golem posted on social media: "RE1 Remake rumors are b******t, as far as I know RE1 is not in any form of development at all right now. RE5 is not actively in dev now either. It's been funny seeing this be what people think is happening publicly. RE9 is pushed back to late 2025 / 2026.

"If everything I've heard is correct, which I fully believe it is and I know others have hinted this and I'm not the first to say this publicly actually just it's not caught on, there's actually a remake of Resident Evil Zero & Code Veronica in development right now."

This was before Capcom had confirmed the game is in the works and after the same leaker said the game was due out next year.

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