Mother called 'stupid' for naming her son Alpha Mael

Mother called 'stupid' for naming her son Alpha Mael
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Picking a name for your baby is an important decision, and one mum has caused a stir with what she chose to name her son.

While some new parents opt for a traditional name, and others seek something more unique and then there's deciding whether to select a name that plays into the gender divide.

Well, a new mum wanted her newborn son to have the 'manliest' name she could come up with and revealed her choice in a post to a Facebook group, New York Post reported.

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“My oldest son is named Alpha Mael (spelled Mael, which means prince or chief) Armstrong," she wrote.

“And my mom absolutely hates it.”

She added: “Not silly at all though. Different but not silly. Conveys a lot.”

A mum has shared her unusual choice for her son's name.iStockphoto by Getty Images

However, group members soon made their feelings clear about the name - and they weren't fans, as they pointed out how this name could affect the baby's life.

One person said: “Alpha Male! For real?! And that’s not silly? No, I suppose it’s not silly. It’s frickin’ stupid. Can you imagine having to grow up with that name? What is wrong with people??”

“The kid will be bullied so viciously that I’m surprised they’d ever strap that on their child," another person wrote.

Someone else joked: "Please tell me that the second son is named Beta.”

“Mael is an old Welsh/Breton name, no problem with that. It’s the Alpha which makes it questionable," a fourth person commented.

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