Hinge reveals the top 25 prompts of all time that will 'guarantee conversation'

Hinge reveals the top 25 prompts of all time that will 'guarantee conversation'
My Hinge Prompts Only Attract Rats! | Four Nine | Tea At …

Some may argue that the most difficult part of dating apps is putting a profile together – well, one of them at least. That's before the love bombing, ghosting and a string of other modern dating behaviours come into play.

For the first time since 2020, Hinge has revealed the 25 most successful Prompts, based on how often they lead to a conversation. The insight is a fun look into dating today and the creative way daters are expressing themselves on their profiles. It showcases some of the ways daters are stepping out of their comfort zone to show their most authentic selves.

Before we launch into them, Hinge's director of relationship science, Logan Ury (she/her) offered three tips to get the most out of your online profile.

Try using your voice if you're struggling with what to write

Hinge’s Voice Prompts feature is one of the most authentic ways you can express yourself on your profile. 64 per cent of daters feel a potential match’s voice is an important factor in determining if they like them and almost half (49 per cent) of users have become more attracted to someone after hearing their voice.

Be Yourself

Successful profiles include a mixture of both humour and vulnerability, so lean into both your silly side and your more serious one. If you want to use the ‘The Way to Win Me Over’ Prompt, dig deep and think of something original and unique to you. Stop talking about your love for “The Office” and start telling us about your secret hobby as a herbal tea connoisseur.

The Perfect Prompt

Answer the Prompts in a way that encourages more in-depth conversation and leads to more meaningful connections. In other words, no one-word answers, please! Whatever it is you love about who you are, make sure other people can see it. This will help you present your authentic self. Your profile should be an extension of your personality.

Ideally, your Prompts should give someone a sense of what you’re like and what it would be like to date you. Paint a picture of who you are by mentioning specific quirks or pleasures can help create a vivid image of who you are and help them picture what a relationship with you would be like.


Still not sure where to start? Try using one of the following most successful prompts on the platform:

  1. The way to win me over is
  2. My simple pleasures
  3. I go crazy for
  4. Together, we could
  5. My most irrational fear
  6. We'll get along if
  7. I'm looking for
  8. This year, I really want to
  9. Typical Sunday
  10. A life goal of mine
  11. My greatest strength
  12. Dating me is like
  13. I’m convinced that
  14. I want someone who
  15. Unusual skills
  16. The key to my heart is
  17. First round is on me if
  18. What if I told you that
  19. I’m weirdly attracted to
  20. My Love Language is
  21. All I ask is that you
  22. I’ll fall for you if
  23. I won’t shut up about
  24. The one thing you should know about me is
  25. I bet you can’t
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