Bridezilla demands bridesmaids take off engagement rings so hers is center-stage

'Bride face plants on dance floor after groom fails to lift her ...

Weddings are meant to be wonderful occasions where a couple shares their love for one another in front of their family and friends - however, the pressure of planning the perfect day can take over a bride and groom who are focused on rules, and requirements.

But there was a particular thing one bride demanded that raised the eyebrow of her bridesmaid, and it was a pretty odd request...

In a post to Reddit's "Bridezilla's" forum, the bridesmaid explained the scenario that occur where the bride informed her party that there were not allowed to wear their own engagement rings.

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"I was a bridesmaid in a wedding where the bride sent a 'wedding update' email to her eight bridesmaids about a week out, saying (among other things) that she didn’t want us married bridesmaids to wear our engagement rings, only our wedding bands."

The question in everyone's mind is why the bride would make such a request, as the woman detailed her reason: "She said it would help 'spotlight' her rings for 'wedding photo purposes.'"

But the bridesmaid believed there was a different explanation.

"My guess is that she wanted her diamond to be the star of the show…but the weird thing is her ring was so much bigger than the rest of ours anyway - almost 3 carats! Super weird.

Despite her feelings about what the bride asked of her, she noted all of the bridesmaids complied "because it wasn’t worth the drama" except for one who had her band and engagement ring soldered together.

One bride wanted to be the only one wearing an engagement ring out of her bridal party, a bridesmaid shared in a Reddit postiStockphoto by Getty Images

However, the bride wasn't having any of it and asked her to turn the stone around so it was inside her hand during the wedding.

At the end of the post, the bridesmaid added for context that she is no longer close with the bride "but for unrelated reasons."

Since posting about the ring request, there were plenty of people who sided with the bridesmaid and found the bride's unusual request as "petty" and "superficial."

One person said: "It continues to astound me how petty and superficial people can become during their ‘special day.'"

"When I got married something like this never even crossed my mind. What in the world?!?" another person said.

Someone else added: "For the purpose of being in total control they destroy so many of their relationships"

"It's also stupid because no one can really 'outshine' the bride during a wedding. They may compete for attention, but it's the bride and groom front and center."

"Tell me you are insecure without telling me you are insecure. She'll go first," a fourth person commented.

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