Trolls target Calvin Klein Mother's Day commercial featuring pregnant trans man

Trolls target Calvin Klein Mother's Day commercial featuring pregnant trans man
Calvin Klein release controversial advert that fails to promote diversity

Calvin Klein received backlash from people who disagree with an advertisement the clothing company launched on Mother's Day that features a pregnant transgender man.

On Sunday, Calvin Klein posted photos to their Instagram featuring all types of families in a raw and authentic form. From a mother breastfeeding her child to a transgender couple expecting their first child together, the company said they wanted to 'spotlight the realities of new families.'

However, the images of the different families were overlooked by people who took issue with the company including Roberto and Erika, a transgender couple

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In the images, Roberto, a transgender man, shows off his pregnant belly while posing with his wife, Erika.

"We can reproduce biologically or from the heart... our place is to love and be loved," the quote from the couple reads.

The advertisement received praise from many people, both part and not of the LGBTQ+ community as more companies are striving to include people of different genders in their marketing.

But transphobic comments left under the Instagram post criticize the company's decision to include all different types of families, including Roberto and Erika.

Words like "blocked", "canceled", and "never buying again" appeared multiple times in the fashion brand's comments on Instagram. People with misinformed ideas about pregnancy and gender took to Twitter to share their belief that transgender men could not, or should not, get pregnant

On Twitter, people called the company "woke" and said they would not be purchasing from them anymore.

Calvin Klein issued a statement in their Instagram comments to the people criticizing the ad:

"We embrace this platform as an inclusive and respectful environment for individualism and self-expression. At Calvin Klein, we tolerate everything except intolerance- any intolerant commentary will be removed, and any accounts issuing hateful statements may be blocked. We look forward to continuing a positive and inclusive dialogue in partnership with our community."

In the past, Calvin Klein has come under scrutiny for not including diverse models and stories in their campaigns. Over the last five to 10 years, the company has gone out of its way to ensure more people who accurately represent the general population are included in their advertisements.

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