The truth about Calvin Klein's 'first plus size model' who's making people angry

The truth about Calvin Klein's 'first plus size model' who's making people angry

The fashion industry is a beast that few can understand, let alone tame.

It does appear to be – albeit painstakingly – changing its view on what an “ideal body” looks like, and it’s been proven that profits increase when companies stop airbrushing images of their models.

The following Calvin Klein ad campaign has reignited debate about size.

On Wednesday Coronation Street actress Catherine Tyldesley tweeted the following:

People on Twitter became furious that 29-year-old Myla Dalbesio has been supposedly referred to as a "plus size model":

But there are a few problems

Calvin Klein never actually referred to her as "plus size" - although some magazines did - and the text with the image being shared on Twitter appears to have been photoshopped. The campaign is also from 2014...

Regarding the controversy, Dalbesio told InStyle last year:

In the fashion industry there was no space for anyone in between a size 0 and four and the 12 plus so the only boards that would except girls of my size is plus-size boards and that’s how women my size ended up becoming part of that category.

This whole controversy is starting a greater conversation towards more inclusive fashion.

indy100 has contacted Calvin Klein for comment.

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