Dave Chapelle is considering moving to Africa because of Stevie Wonder

Dave Chapelle is considering moving to Africa because of Stevie Wonder
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This year, musical legend, former child prodigy, and United Nations Messenger of Peace recipient Stevie Wonder chatted with Oprah Winfrey, divulging his interest in moving to Ghana because he believes he would be treated with more respect and value.

"I don’t want to see my children’s, children’s children have to say ‘oh please like me; please respect me, please know that I am important, please value me.’ What is that? “ Wonder told Winfrey.

Now, Wonder’s recent comment has inspired other people, including legendary comedian Dave Chappelle who says he is also considering relocating to Ghana.

When the Chappelle show came to an abrupt end initially in 2006 after three seasons, The comedian found himself in the midst of controversy from the media. There were reports released that alleged that he lost his mind and left for Africa.  While the latter happens to be true, Chapelle shut down the rumors about mental unfitness.

In a recent appearance on Naomi Campbell’s No Filter with Naomi series, Chappelle admitted that’s Wonder's interest in moving to Africa re-inspired him to potentially do the same.

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At the 34:34 minute mark, he said the following: “The last time he said it, what he said was, ‘I am moving to Ghana so that I can be valued and respected more.’ That is almost exactly the phrase he used,” said Chappelle to Naomi.

“As a Black American who amongst us is more valued or respected than Stevie Wonder. And the idea that he would feel this way .. at this stage in his life his career...” he said as he talked about the legacy Wonder had over the years.

“Stevie is the soul of American culture, and if the soul leaves the body, then this thing is dead. I thought I’ll follow him over there, or I’ll go myself. I’ll do it for him, “ Chappelle continued.

Ghana is revered as a country that many people of African descent who live in America venture out to when they want to return to the motherland.

Check out the full interview with Naomi Campbell for No Filter with Naomi below.

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