The millennial 'girls' trip' undergoes wellness glow up

The millennial 'girls' trip' undergoes wellness glow up

There was once a time when early-twenty-somethings jetted off for a week filled with sun, sea and strong drinks – but are we witnessing the millennial rite of passage dying out?

For most nineties kids, the likes of Malaga, Malia and Ayia Napa were synonymous with partying, a lack of sleep and a beige diet consisting of Lays and toasties. And while there's much more substance to such destinations, they became renowned party havens for parts of the world, especially for Brits.

Ibiza is also up there, with millions of tourists flocking from across the world as soon as the season starts in April through October.

The island is the hedonist capital of Europe with renowned clubs and DJs making it a home away from home. That said, it's also incredibly versatile by nature, with families and couples heading over for their summer holidays.

Ibiza's party scene is consistently evolving, but workers on the island have witnessed an influx of people reinventing what the traditional party holiday once looked like. That's not to say visitors are completely ditching their nights out; they're simply no longer prioritising it as the be-all-end-all.

Josep Sastre, general manager at Hotel Petunia, experienced the transition firsthand with groups of friends switching out the fizz for a more wholesome approach to holidaying.

"Most of our guests prefer to seek out more meaningful and enriching travel experiences," Josep told Indy100, which he believes to be a result of people becoming more health conscious and the post-pandemic world.

"The post-pandemic desire transformed a lot of people's mindsets, with a desire for authentic experiences and a focus on mental and emotional wellness. People want to look after themselves, connect with nature, and explore new cultures, rather than just indulging in nightlife," he said.

Interestingly, there's also been a notable increase in women's retreats – particularly at Petunia.

Pre-drinks are being switched out for Pilates, yoga in place of Jägerbombs, and trips are being filled with sound healing, massages and practising the art of self-care while overlooking the scenic Es Vedra rock "known for its myths and mystical powers".

"Our guests are increasingly looking for destinations that offer a break from their hectic lives, and we cater to this demand by providing a serene environment and wellness activities," Josep said – and what a place to offer such activities. "The natural beauty of Ibiza, and our inspiring position, makes it an ideal location for those looking to reconnect with themselves and with nature."

While the group holiday is undergoing a generational transition, there's also another aspect of travel on the rise: going solo.

More than 54 per cent of travellers were estimated to have travelled solo in 2023 with Google searches quadrupling since 2020.

Jordan Dixon, psychosexual psychotherapist and sociologist from the Thoughthouse partnership believes we can all learn from solo folk, in terms of "the importance of treating ourselves as an important relationship in our lives. Solo adventures can help us to feel loved, safe, prioritised, nurtured and move away from looking solely to romantic relationships to fulfil this."

"Solo travelling can offer freedom and help transcend unhelpful and constrictive ways of living," Jordan explains. "The world is ours to explore and we have many possibilities that sit outside romantic relationships."

Petunia notes the rise in solo travel, describing it as "self-discovery making a resurgence".

The hotel offers paddling, morning hikes, animal flow, outdoor cinema events and workshops as a part of their Sunset Retreats, to name a few – which make the perfect activities for someone going solo for the first time.

"These offerings make Petunia a haven for those seeking a relaxing and rejuvenating retreat, and distinct from the traditional party-centric holidays that Ibiza is known for. Having said that, we do offer live music four times a week, so guests can wind down without even having to leave the hotel," Josep added.

And, if you wanted to get the children involved, "Beaumier is able to welcome children to Hotel Petunia for the first time, so we have been happy to see groups of young families visiting our beautiful hotel. Everyone is welcome at Petunia!"

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