Eid Al-Adha 2021: Welcoming the festival with these classic memes that we all love

<p>A Muslim performs Eid Al Adha prayers in the Gulf emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 20 July 2021. </p>

A Muslim performs Eid Al Adha prayers in the Gulf emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 20 July 2021.


Eid mubaaa-rak to everyone celebrating today!

Eid is about joy, laughter and celebration with family and friends. It’s about enjoying the moment you are in, dressing in your best attire and eating your favourite dishes.

To bring more glee to the occasion, let’s dive into the deep world of Eid memes. Get ready for a tickle in your belly as we share our favourites...

The money meme

His face says it allMuslim Girl

Ah, the good’ ol eidi. Eid is a time of celebration and gift giving and if there’s one thing kids love, it would be receiving money. Many Muslims around the world have made it a tradition that the elders give money to those younger than them. So get your wallets ready because Eid’s about to get wild.

The moon meme

Muslim girl

Hold on just a moon-nute, I’m sure we are all familiar with this one! Some Muslims from across the globe choose to celebrate Eid in accordance with the moon, which is usually seen by the Saudi Arabia moon sighting committee (Yes, that’s actually a thing). However, some countries choose to go in accordance with when their local mosques announce or if they see the moon themselves with the naked eye. It’s a never ending (peaceful) moon war.

The eating meme

Quick meme

Eid is about indulging in your favourite meals, endlessly snacking and of course, sharing generously with neighbours, friends and family. Usually the day before Eid, many Muslims fast on the day of ‘Arafah’, which is one the the holiest days in the Islamic lunar year. After a long cleanse and fast, it’s time to enjoy the best dishes out here. It’s always fun to greet family and friends with a full stomach and a smile on your face as you say “nice to meat you,” (sorry)...

The messaging meme

Funny pics

You know the drill… as soon as you get back from Eid prayer, you’ll find your phone buzzing with Eid messages from family and friends. Oh, and let’s not forget the awfully cute blinged out Eid posters that aunties and uncles send around on WhatsApp messages. Gotta love it!

The henna meme

Woody and Buzz Lightyear getting in on the actionQuick meme

Oh we do love a henna pic don’t we? Get your Eid selfies at the ready and prepare to wow the crowd. Henna is a big tradition during Eid, it’s fun and beautiful – oh and luckily it’s not permanent so if you mess up, it’s all good!

And finally...

Anchorman, anyone?Quick meme

A special time of the year, where people gather in congregation to show their devotion to their faith as well as spend time with loved ones. We hope you have a wonderful Eid Al-Adha and remember, stay safe while doing so!

Eid Mubarak!

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