The 8 everyday things that are actually driving your neighbours mad

The 8 everyday things that are actually driving your neighbours mad
CCTV appears to show woman throws bricks and cement during feud with …

Much like family, you can't decide who your neighbours are so it's best to try and get along with them in order for a peaceful home.

Now Laura Akano, head coach at etiquette school Polished Manners has revealed to The Sundifferent do's and don'ts to ensure you're maintaining a good relationship with your neighbours.

(Because nobody likes a squabbling neighbourhood).

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From parcels, noise and parking, see if you and your neighbours follow this guidance:


It's no surprise that parking can be a contentious matter, and Akano advises to be mindful of where you park your car and avoid blocking anyone in."

"If you’re preventing neighbours from parking or getting out of a space, you’ll get their backs up," she told the publication and pointed out that someone could be late for work or a medical appointment if you park awkwardly and block them in.

.Akano added that parking on the street while leaving your own driveway empty is "horribly inconsiderate" as well.


Not collecting a parcel your neighbour has taken in, is also considered rude, especially since the neighbour has done you a favour.

So Akano recommends you to collect you package on the same day it's delivered "unless there is an emergency."

Street apps

When it comes to neighbourhood street apps, it may be tempting to spark a conversation about the news or a recent holiday, but Akano notes it's always best not to mention these subjects

“Avoid veering off topic or sharing opinions that could cause offence.

"Be polite and don’t forget, you don’t have to respond to everything you don’t agree with."


Another big one, there's nothing more annoying than having to cover up your ear because of a racket next door.

To avoid noisiness, Akano believes children should not play in the street as it could be dangerous.

“Keep them in the garden during sociable hours — or take them to the park," she added.

Loud guests at night should also be told to be quiet as they are leaving your house.

"Talking loudly outside the car is a no-no. So make sure your guests go to their car as quickly and as quietly as possible," Akano said.


This could also come under noise, but Akano insists that loud appliances such as washing machines shouldn't be used late at night or in the early hours of the morning.


Don't leave your wheelie bins out on the street after collection, as they are not only an eyesore, and block pedestrians but this "inconsiderate" move could land you a £100 fine from the local council.


Dogs barking all night aren't ideal when the neighbourhood is attempting to get a good night's sleep.

Laura said: “It’s your duty to ensure that your pet isn’t disruptive.

“If it’s barking at all hours, consider some behaviour training.


If you've forgotten to invite a neighbour to a party, it's not the end of the world but Akano notes that it's also nice to invite someone "out of courtesy at least once" if they have invited you to a get-together.

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