Heartbreak hotel opens in UK for women to get over their breakups

Heartbreak hotel opens in UK for women to get over their breakups
Healing after heartbreak

Going through a breakup? There's a hotel you can stay in to mend your broken heart.

The Norfolk based Heartbreak Hotel, which is run by psychologist Alice Haddon and life coach Ruth Field, offers three-night weekend stays for women who have recently had their hearts broken by their partner.

Their website says: "At The Heartbreak Hotel we believe that our heartbreak connects us to the very essence of what it is to be human, that our vulnerability is also the birthplace of compassionate change and daring creativity – if only we could see it.

"At the Heartbreak Hotel you will learn your attachment style, re-script the relationship narratives that have kept you caged and learn how to break free from them. You will heal your trauma, transform your anger into agency and learn to spot the narcissists and avoid them forever."

Sounds good? Here's a few more details. A stay also involves nice food, walks in nature and yoga. Guests are asked to hand in their laptops and mobile phones and there is no alcohol allowed either.

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Those who want to go fill in a short application form then the hotel gets in touch to arrange a brief phone call to establish if the retreat is a good fit.

But healing comes at a cost. £2,250 to be precise. Yeah, maybe watching Netflix and eating chocolate is a better option after all.

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