Mum rakes in the cash on the school run by sexting and sending sexy snaps

Mum rakes in the cash on the school run by sexting and sending sexy snaps
Jam Press/@therealhollyj

Mum-of-four rakes in the cash on OnlyFans by sexting and sending sexy snaps during the school run

A time-strapped single mum-of-four says the key to her six-figure success is sexting on the school run.

Whether she’s in the carpool line or watching her kids play sports, Holly Jane spends all day sending saucy messages, pictures and videos to her fans and “doesn’t care” who is looking over her shoulder.

The mum-of-four left her recruitment job in 2021 after signing up to OnlyFans, making more than her annual salary in just three months.

Now the 39-year-old makes an average of £40,000 ($50,000 USD) a month working from her mobile phone on the go.

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“To everyone on the school run I look like a normal mum wearing yoga pants and texting but what they don’t know is that I am flirting with men all over the world for big money,” Holly, who has 186,000 followers on Instagram (@therealhollyj) told

”I can make over $800 before lunchtime, just for being online at the right time. Just one friend knows what I do for a living. Most of my friends and family still think I work in healthcare recruitment.

“My family can get suspicious – my dad in particular says I don’t seem to spend much time talking on the phone for being a recruiter. Little do they know I have increased my income times 10 and now I can be present at home for my kids.”

Jam Press/@therealhollyj

Holly, who is from California, US, is the sole provider for her family since her husband, Stephen, tragically died after an accident in 2017, aged just 31.

She used to earn an above average $100,000 salary in her old career, which included medical insurance – but says she hated being “chained to a desk”.

The model said: ”Sitting at a desk all day felt like imprisonment. Physically being at my job for eight hours with a lunch break was restrictive and frustrating to me as a busy mum with lots of plates to juggle.

“I felt held back and childcare is so expensive that I didn’t have much money left over for fun. I used to joke to coworkers that I needed to find an income through flirting because I’ve always been that sensual person who likes to make sexy jokes and tease.

”My colleagues would laugh but I was serious. Then when OnlyFans came along I felt like I’d won the lottery, my prayers were answered.”

Holly Jane set up her OnlyFans account in August 2021 and by October she had quit her job to focus on content creation.

She said: “People think you just make videos and pictures to share, and that’s it but now I average around 80 hours a week, I’m constantly on my phone working.

”If my kids aren’t looking I’ll be sexting. It’s that simple. If I’m at a ball game or in the line at the store the people behind me will get an eye-full if they look at my screen. It’s addictive making these lucrative connections with people in the palm of my hand.”

Jam Press/@therealhollyj

But the 24/7 sexting has nearly landed Holly in hot water a few times.

She said: “I do a lot of my bikini photoshoots in public and I have to change outfits quickly so I’m always flashing in the park.

”I worry someone could call the cops but they haven’t so far. Mostly people just love to watch and stare. Especially the lawn workers at the park – they aren’t subtle about it but they love the show.”

One embarrassing moment came at Holly’s son’s football practice.

While she was watching from the crowd she was also working from two mobile phones.

She said: “I tried to airdrop myself some pictures of me with my legs spread and posing but I accidentally selected ‘send to all’.

“Any parent with their airdrop turned on would have received those images.

“But no one said anything. I think they felt lucky to get a freebie.”

Even with her impressive monthly income, Holly Jane says she lives a conservative lifestyle and still lives in the same house she bought before her success with her four kids, who are aged 20, 14, nine and three [not named for privacy reasons].

Jam Press/@therealhollyj

She added: “I still drive a 2006 Lexus and my lifestyle looks the same except that I buy the more expensive designer mom leggings for the school run.

”I save most of my money to build a future for myself and my family. I want to invest in real estate and create a passive income and money for retirement that way.”

”But I do love spending money on my kids. I pay for private tutoring for my kids at $1,000 a month, I have a nanny for my youngest and we love to go on vacations.

”We’ve been on five vacations in the past two months including Arizona, San Diego and at this exclusive coastal town that I love called Encinitas.

“The weather is always perfect, it’s a millionaire town so I love to splash out there and make amazing content in a holiday home.

“It’s such a luxury.

”But the most important thing for me is being independent and providing a life for my children with everything they need.

“It’s so motivating for me to know I can afford to give them a good life and fix their problems.

“Money helps me to feel like I’m keeping us all safe and it’s given me my life and flexibility back.”

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