Sleep expert claims you've been using your pillow all wrong

Sleep expert claims you've been using your pillow all wrong
Girl gets hit with a pillow and falls over backwards!

A sleep expert has claimed you are sleeping with your pillow all wrong - here's how to do it.

Speaking to the Mirror, experts at Happy Beds advised sleeping with a pillow between your legs instead of just beneath your head.

Doing so can reduce backpain, prevent muscle cramps, improve your blood circulation and more, they claimed.

Rex Isap, sleep expert and CEO at Happy Beds told the publication that "the minute we climb into bed, we adopt a preferred sleeping position without giving much thought to it; we don’t realise that what we perceive to be comfortable is actually doing us more harm than good".

He added: "Misalignment whilst sleeping is a big issue, affecting our bodies by placing stress on the spine. We use pillows every day to rest our heads on whilst sleeping, but we should be using them more as they have several other benefits on our sleep.

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"Placing a pillow between your legs or knees can promote better posture to give a more restful night's sleep, supporting the muscles and alignment in your body."

He also said it is good for pregnant people.

Rex said: "For pregnant women, this is a great way to get more comfortable during the night and allow a less restless sleep during this time."

So now you know.

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