Jeffrey Dahmer's father pelted with underwear as weird fans of killer turn up at his home

Jeffrey Dahmer's father pelted with underwear as weird fans of killer turn up at his home
Jeffrey Dahmer Victim’s Family Speaks Out About Netflix Series | THR News

Since Netflix released its thriller-drama series on Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer's real-life family has felt the effects of the fanfare on their personal lives.

Jeffrey's father, Lionel Dahmer, has been particularly targeted with fans even showing up at his home.

One woman threw her underwear onto the 86-year-old's driveway and shouted "I love you Lionel." On the flip side, a man showed up aggressively trying to confront Dahmer and his caretaker.

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Dahmer's caretaker, Jeb, 34, said Dahmer had "a lady stop at the end of the driveway, take off her panties and throw them in the yard," as reported by The Sun.

"I had to go out there with a pair of tongs to pick up this woman's granny panties. The girl looked like she was in her early twenties and was shouting 'I love you Lionel'," Jeb recalled.

Concerns over fan interactions, like the woman throwing her underwear, have led Jeb to put up a "No Trespassing" sign and arm himself with a weapon.

“It’s people like that that we’re trying not to have here, that’s why I put up no trespassing and private property signs. Lionel’s 86 and here’s this 20-year-old lady throwing her underwear at him. It's just like, stop.”

Jeb told news outlets previously that the number of "fan" interactions have made him a "nervous wreck" and he is thinking of suing Netflix for "romanticizing" his son's disturbing murders.

Dahmer's caretaker also told The Sun about a scary moment he had with a "hostile and aggressive" person who showed up at Dahmer's Ohio home "acting erratic and violent."

“I came out and he was acting erratic and violent, saying he wanted to see Lionel. He was a big guy and was acting very hostile," Jeb said. “He started cussing me out and I was telling him: ‘Hey dude, you have to leave, you’re not going to get in.’ He started acting more crazy so I took a step back. I’m armed now but I wasn’t at the time."

Since the release of Netflix's Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, people have used the prolific serial killer for TikTok trends and Halloween costumes.

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