Dating expert shares tips to conquer love anxiety as Gen Z fear being alone

Dating expert shares tips to conquer love anxiety as Gen Z fear being alone
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A recent study has revealed that one in four Gen-Zers suffer from love anxiety and the fear of being alone.

New research from EduBirdie lifted the lid on relationship pressures of the younger generation with one in five confessing that finding a life partner is the most challenging aspect of their lives.

Relationship and dating expert Anastasiya Pochotna at dating app Flirtini shared four invaluable tips to combat such feelings – especially during Mental Health Awareness Month this May.


Discover yourself

“You’re your own perfect match, so dive into a journey of self-discovery. Explore your passions, interests, and dreams — travel, meditate, paint, write, dance. Revel in solo living and savour the tranquillity of setting your own rules and routine.

“Confidence in your skin is a superpower (and radiates irresistible charm, so it just might attract your special someone).”

Build bonds

“We see love as the ultimate goal, but studies show friendship can make us just as happy. Roughly two-thirds of romantic couples start as friends, so while flying solo, it’s vital to bolster your support network.

“Take a road trip with your bestie and make some pals along the way, keep those long-distance friendships alive with virtual hangouts, and hit up your old friends for a drink or two.”

Stop comparing

“Comparing yourself to friends or family doesn’t help. Neither does browsing #relationshipgoals on social media. Behind every seemingly perfect relationship lies an unseen story, so instead of longing for someone else’s happiness, get out there and create your own.”

Have fun

“It’s not a race, so take your time to find 'the one' who truly aligns with your values and needs. Dating should be an adventure, not a chore, so don’t put on a facade. Do things you enjoy, put yourself first, and take a break if the dating game gets too much.”

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