Man divides internet by threatening to stop buying groceries if girlfriend refuses to do laundry

Man divides internet by threatening to stop buying groceries if girlfriend refuses to do laundry
Laundry Freezes on the Clothesline

A man has faced a backlash online after threatening to stop buying groceries for his girlfriend if she doesn't do his laundry.

It comes after the unnamed man posted on the popular “Am I the A**hole” Reddit thread.

The post attracted criticism in the comments section, with the entry telling how his partner had stopped washing his underwear because it was “contaminating” her clothes.

It read: “My gf (28F) and I (32M) have been living together for 4 years now. She works from home since covid most of the time but sometimes does go into the office, I go to my office every day.

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“My girlfriend has always done our laundry together and never had a problem with it for all these years. Since she works from home, she takes care of a lot of the house work but I do help out, where I can when I get back from work although she often refuses my offers with reasons like I should wash my hands better, I do wash my hands though.”

He went on to write: “Lately she has started separating my undergarments and vests from the laundry pile and not washing them when she had no trouble doing that in the past. She [said] that my undergarments [will] contaminate her clothes and wants me to do them myself in a separate load. Yet she still washes hers in the same load. I suggested we do all our undergarments in a different load and she said no because hers are cleaner and that would be worse.”


The man added: “She got pretty mad and made some nasty comments about my hygiene saying I should keep myself cleaner in my privates, not soil myself (I do not) and learn how to wash my hands. I do shower and I do wash my hands but maybe it is natural that men smell more idk.

“I am getting pretty annoyed at being treated like I am disgusting when I am not,, I lived with my mom before her who did my laundry and never said my boxers were dirty. I said if she keeps doing this, I will stop buying the groceries she keeps telling me to bring on my commute from work and she can do that herself.”

It’s fair to say that the post didn’t get the kind of reaction he was hoping for.

The criticism was pretty damning in the comment section, with one writing: “Honestly, even without the gross hygiene, the fact he was 28, living with his parents and still not doing his own laundry is enough for me to say YTA. Absolutely no way a grown man shouldn't be doing his own housework at that age. Wonder if she packed him a lunch box too.”

Another wrote: “It's posts like these that make me so grateful for my bf who acts like a normal, hygienically-sound adult lol.”

One more said: “I’m cracking up because dude really went all in on this and he believed—with his whole vest covered chest—that since his MOM used to clean his underwear without complaint, then his girlfriend should do the same. Obviously YTA and should figure out what’s happening with your hygiene.”

Another was a little more balanced, writing: “She is drawing a boundary and there is nothing wrong with that. She doesn't have to do your laundry; she doesn't wear your clothes so there is no reason she should. If you don't want to pick up groceries for her then don't. If these groceries benefit you then you are shooting yourself in the foot. You both need to talk this out. These issues aren't that big of a deal.”

The comments seemed to have an effect, with the man editing the post by writing: “Edit: Ok point taken I will take her advice about hygiene and shave / wax down there and see a doctor in case I have some condition. And apologize to her.”

It just shows, you should never air your dirty laundry in public.

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