This is the surprising number of men who sit down to urinate

This is the surprising number of men who sit down to urinate
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While you may expect men to urinate standing up, a new poll has told quite a different story.

According to polling of 13 countries, lots enjoy the sitting experience.

The most likely country to find a sit-down urinator in is Germany, with 62 per cent saying they enjoyed doing so, while 50 per cent of Swedes also sat down to void their bladders.

39 per cent of Australian men liked to take the weight off their feet while 34 per cent of Italians did too.

Only 24 per cent of Brits admitted to doing it, while in Mexico, only six per cent of men like to pee sitting down.

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The poll was launched after journalist Sam Wollaston called YouGov out for our lack of data on how many British men sit down to urinate.

He noted that while there was no reliable data, he surveyed his own circle, which revealed that about 70 per cent of his male friends, mostly in their 50s, were ‘standers’.

“Their reasons: they’ve always stood; men stand, women sit; why would they; no, of course they don’t pee on the floor (we’ll come back to that – in short, they’re lying),” he wrote.

It’s also been found that urinating while sitting down is better for men’s health.

According to researchers from Leiden University Medical Centre, sitting down helped the bladder empty faster and more thoroughly - beneficial for those with lower urinary tract problems and enlarged prostate.

“The sitting voiding position is preferable to the standing,” they wrote in the report.

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