Nikocado Avocado claps back at Candace Owens over weight 'shaming'

Nikocado Avocado claps back at Candace Owens over weight 'shaming'
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YouTube mukbang content creator Nikocado Avocado (Nicholas Perry) has slammed conservative political commentator Candace Owens - for weight-shaming him.

In the 22 January episode of the Candace Owens Podcast titled "Gluttonous YouTuber is Literally Dying for Clicks," the host spoke on content creators, particularly Avocado, who seem to overindulge in food.

"He eats in excess of 10,000 calories in front of the camera in videos that are entitled 'I hate myself' as one example, at 'Goodbye YouTube and life' or 'Celebrating our 700-pound Milestone.'

"Now, of course, when you eat like that, and you are this gluttonous, it yields depression," Owens said in the video.

She adds: "So obviously what has also happened is that he's doing this because he's getting attention, he's getting clicks, but he's also becoming depressed in front of the world. He's essentially killing himself on camera slowly."

After Owens' video hit the internet, the viral YouTuber shared his thoughts, calling the host out for her commentary.

In his reaction video, which was shared by fellow YouTuber Def Noodles on Twitter, Avocado can be seen enjoying his food as he plays Owens' podcast on his laptop.

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Referencing Owens' comment about him being depressed, Avocado said that he is not. Still, he has concerns that the statement could be offensive to others who may hear it.

"What if that really triggered me? Luckily, I don't have depression. But I can imagine anyone else being on the receiving end of a video like this, and they probably would feel so bad; God knows what they would do," Avocado said.

In another part of his video, he addressed a claim Owens made about him having a net worth of $7m.

"According to who? Have you been in my bank account? Have you seen how much money I get, Miss no-it-all? Where's this number coming from?" he said.

Avocado also noted that a lot of content he puts out on YouTube gets demonetized, "red flags," and receives "low click-through, low CPMs."

On the other hand, Owens also said that Avocado was a vegan earlier when he started YouTube but started to eat meat when the lifestyle didn't work for him.

In 2016, he posted a video on YouTube sharing that he no longer wanted to be vegan, noting his frustration with the "vegan community."

"What is with vegans? I'm never 'vegan enough' [for them]," he said.

There are pictures of him on social media appearing leaner before he began making videos.

Fans of his have also noticed the transformation in his appearance in more recent videos, which sparked worry.

There is no confirmation of how much he weighs.

Despite fans being concerned about Avocado's weight, they were quick to praise him for defending himself against negative commentary.

One person on Twitter wrote: "B**** he READ. I'm talking AP reading level read her a** to filth."

"She needs to stfu if she's not going to fact-check her diatribes. And talk about not knowing when someone is playing a character," another added.

A third wrote: "Omg, I so f****** agree!! You can't just say what you want to gain audiences that NORMALLY WOULDN'T GIVE A S*** ABOUT if it was not HIM and if he was not already in his best of places mentally...@RealCandaceOwould be in a lot of s*** for shaming."

Avocado, who joined YouTube in May 2014, has over 3.4 million subscribers on the platform.

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