OnlyFans model claims to have ‘saved thousands of marriages’ by spicing up relationships

OnlyFans model claims to have ‘saved thousands of marriages’ by spicing up relationships
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An OnlyFans model claims to have helped thousands of married couples by offering advice on how to spice up their sex life – with some even asking her to overlook their lovemaking.

Hannah Nicole has always enjoyed helping others, even dedicating her time to a nursing degree before joining the racy site.

After discovering the success she could have on OnlyFans, she created a page in October 2018 and following a huge rise in popularity early on, she now rakes in six figures a month.

Not content with financial success alone, however, Hannah soon found herself branching out by offering assistance for incompatible lovers having trouble in the bedroom.

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And she claims her advice has rescued many a flailing marriage.

"Men come to me when their wives don't understand," Hannah, who has three million followers across her six Instagram accounts told

Jam Press

“They tell me their wives don’t do what they want them to do and aren’t passionate in the bedroom.

“It’s a lot of the same stories over and over – they are bored and lonely.

"A lot of people I talk to are just struggling with their relationships so our chats are almost like a therapy session, except more sexual.

"Some of them have certain fetishes that they're uncomfortable talking to others face-to-face about, but they're comfortable talking about it to me online.

"I've been helping couples so long it's in the thousands."

While she has legions of male fans, the influencer says women often ask her for help too.

Hannah, whose modelling career shaped her OnlyFans venture, considers herself to be a modern feminist who aims to empower the women she helps.

In the process, she also wants her male fans to feel confident pleasuring their female counterparts.

She said: "Sometimes the husband and wife will both be messaging me and I love that, I like having good conversations with them.

“I talk to women and many of them have been in the relationship for so many years that they have lost the spark and want to learn how to be more loving and kind towards their partner.

“They’re struggling with the intimacy.

“In one situation, the woman actually said ‘my husband wanted me to see you and now I get why he thinks you're hot’.

“In the bedroom, depending on what they would want, it can be very different for every person.

“Some couples have asked me to watch them have sex so I can give them direct advice on what to work on.

“For the men, it’s not about how the woman can make things better but having someone watch turns them on.

“Some women will ask if I think their husband is ‘big enough’, while others will ask if there’s a better way to orgasm faster that I might have identified while watching them.”

Hannah, who is a proud entrepreneur, isn’t just a sex expert – she’s even appeared on an erotic book cover — one she hopes will excite the lovers she helps.

Looking forward, she hopes to help female fans especially, both in a sexual sense but also with their confidence.

The model, who also works as a fitness instructor, added: “I'm still traditional in the sense that eventually I want to get married and have children, but I'll probably never be the housewife.

"Women should remember that nobody's going to lift you up except yourself.”

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