Recruitment expert says you should be paid to go to job interviews

Recruitment expert says you should be paid to go to job interviews

Let’s face it, the job application process, which could turn into a potential interview, is a stressful process for both employer and interviewee.

However, some experts believe that a monetary incentive could provide better outcomes in these situations.

As first reported in Daily Mail, Sue Ellson, a career and recruitment expert from Melbourne, Australia, believes that paying candidates for their time could change the whole process of recruitment as employers would need to properly consider the best person for the job.

Ellson also noted  that employers could essentially cut down the list of interviewee’s subjects and pay the three most promising prospects for their interview time instead of “six people.”

“If your recruitment skills cannot reduce your ‘best’ candidates to a reasonable number per position, I would suggest that you need to improve your technique,” she told the outlet.

Ellson also argued that interviewing more than six people at a time exhausts “a lot of time” for recruiters and potential new employees.

“The whole goal of this is to change the recruitment process so that it is more efficient, effective and transparent,” she said.

Ellson also said that the three candidates that seem promising should get a $50 to $100 gift card for “attending an in-person interview.”

Ellson further said that paying candidates would also avoid unnecessary rounds of interviews. If money is used as an incentive, people would be more eager to make their resume pristine before applying to the jobs they’re interested in.

Ultimately, Ellson has hopes that the tactic will be fruitful to both staff and job seekers' “time” throughout the job recruitment process.

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