Person accused of ‘ridiculing’ brother’s wedding by proposing during ceremony

Redditors have been sharing their thoughts on this wedding-proposal dilemma

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Somebody who popped the big question to their girlfriend has caused some family drama because of the timing - with it taking place right in the middle of their brother's beachside wedding.

Taking the matter to Reddit's Am I the A**hole forum, the person explained how the proposal was low key so it didn't steal the thunder off of his brother and new wife.

"We were alone, no one was even paying any attention to us at all because there were 100 people there. I just asked her 'so, beach at sunset... will you marry me?'

"She said yes, we had a good laugh, took a selfie together, and slowly walked back to the site of the reception," they added.

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But trouble soon emerged when the girlfriend-now-fiancee posted the proposal selfie online as the newlyweds figured out the proposal took place at their wedding.

"Two days ago, my girlfriend posted that selfie on her social media, tagged me, and wrote a caption 'finally marrying the love of my life, and a sunset beach proposal!',” the post continued.

The newlyweds were not happy to hear their family member had proposed to their girlfriend in the middle of their wedding ceremonyiStockphoto by Getty Images

"Now everyone who knows us knew it was a sarcastic caption and knew it was more a joking post than anything else.

"My brother and sister-in-law called us very upset hours after that post," they continued.

"My sister-in-law said we ridiculed their wedding with our post, while my brother said I'm an a****** for proposing at someone else's wedding."

After the post received over 13,400 upvotes on the subreddit, there were thousands of comments from people eager to give their opinion on the matter.

Some were not impressed with the timing of the proposal and felt that there were other days it could have happened on, therefore they felt the couple were in the wrong.

One person wrote: "YTA. You couldn't have found another night to go to the beach and propose?"

"Soft YTA since you didn't make a big scene, but don't propose at someone else's wedding unless you got permission from the bride and groom beforehand. You have 364 other days to make a proposal," another person said.

Someone else added: "I mean, of all the ways to propose at someone else's wedding, this is probably the least tacky. Still, you'd think that in ten years together, you could've found a different occasion. Soft YTA."

"YTA. You announced your engagement on social media about 5 days after their wedding. Your brother and SIL probably haven’t even had a chance to post their own wedding photos yet," a fourth person commented.

There were however many people who thought there was nothing wrong with the person's proposal during their brother's wedding.

One person said: "I was ready to say you're the asshole but you didn't propose in front of everybody, you didn't announce it at the reception and you waited two days to post it so NTA."

"Had any of the other guests noticed then a definite YTA. But the way this was under the radar Id go with NTA," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "NTA you don’t propose at someone’s wedding, because it takes the attention off of the bride and groom, but you didn’t. There wasn’t a formal proposal with a show and a ring."

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