The biggest dating phone faux pas according to Hinge's ‘Distraction-Free Dating’ Guide

The biggest dating phone faux pas according to Hinge's ‘Distraction-Free Dating’ Guide
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We spend most of our time on our phones, whether it's scrolling on social media, connecting with friends or swiping through dating apps.

So putting our devices down for dating can be tricky but now Hinge has released a ‘Distraction-Free Dating’ guide encouraging daters to minimise distractions while getting to know other people, with guidance from the Foundation for Social Connection.

Spending quality time with someone is the key to feeling connected, as per Surgeonthe General’s Advisory on Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation.

Now, the dating app designed to be deleted has provided some expert advice for daters on how to retain their focus and improve their time with potential partners.

Recent Hinge research shows a desire by daters to create deeper connections as more than 80 per cent of users prefer "phone away" dates.

Hinge has released a ‘Distraction-Free Dating’ guide encouraging daters to minimise distractions such as using their phone while on dates iStockphoto by Getty Images

In addition, three out of four daters are more hesitant to open up if the other person is on their phone, and millennials are more likely than Gen Z to notice how having phones out during dates prevents good conversations*.

The new guide gives Hinge users relevant dating tips from Hinge’s Director of Relationship Science, Logan Ury, and Love and Connection Expert and licensed therapist, Moe Ari Brown, along with sharing 20 chemistry-building date ideas.

"Face-to-face quality time helps us build intimacy with others, but figuring out how to get the most out of that time can be tough for daters. This guide will help our community focus on each other and have memorable first dates that lead to meaningful second dates,” said Josh Penny, Hinge’s Director of Social Impact.

The ‘Distraction-Free Dating’ guide is available for daters from around the world in Hinge’s app or by downloading it here.

"Many Americans, especially young adults, wrestle with the experience of loneliness, which has profound consequences on our health and well-being. We were excited to collaborate on this guide with Hinge and advance how daters across the world build meaningful and authentic connections," said Jillian Racoosin, Executive Director of the Foundation for Social Connection.

The biggest phone faux pas when on a first date

"If you’re wondering why your first dates aren’t going anywhere — you might just have your phone to blame. At Hinge, our latest research shows that being on your phone is a major first date faux pas," Logan Ury, Director of Relationship Science at Hinge (she/her) told indy100.

"In fact, 78 per cent of Hinge daters assume their date isn’t interested in them if they’re on their phone during a date.

"It can be tempting to check your phone during an awkward moment on the date, or if you are experiencing FOMO and want to see what your friends are up to. But you risk tanking the date if you’re staring at the screen instead of trying to connect.

"My advice is to put your phone away and focus on creating those memorable first-date conversations that propel you into a relationship. At Hinge, we’ve found that more than 80 per cent of people believe 'phone away' dates lead to better connections.

She added: "That’s why we created our Distraction-Free Dating guide to help people minimise distractions along their dating journey. If your date is constantly on their phone, I recommend playfully calling out this behaviour and inviting them to join you in a no-phones experience.

"For example: “I’ve been trying phone-free dates lately, and it’s actually been a nice break for my brain. Want to see how long we can go without checking ours? The first person to break buys the next round."

Tips - 6 Dos & Don’ts for Using Your Phone On a Date

  • Put your phone on silent and keep it out of sight.
  • If you have to use your phone to look at a restaurant’s QR code menu or respond to an urgent message from your roommate, do it quickly and then put your phone away again.
  • If you have plans for after the date, make the arrangements in advance, including what time and where you’ll meet, so you’re not multitasking during the date.
  • Leave wearable tech, such as your Apple Watch, at home or turn off your notifications so you won’t be tempted to glance at it. That’s a screen too!
  • Try not to get into any intense conversations or read work emails right before the date, since this can distract you and make you feel like you need to get back to someone.
  • Don’t pull your phone out during the date to show someone a meme. Instead, use this as a way to connect with them later.

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