What makes a successful marriage? Pope Francis believes that it ultimately boils down to three words.

On Sunday, the 85-year-old told a crowd at The Vatican that the three key words used in every successful marriage are “please,” “sorry,” and “thank you.”

Pope Francis claimed the three words are crucial to ending arguments and sustaining a couple’s mutual love and respect.

The pontiff has spent years counseling husbands and wives so it makes sense he’s learned a few things that make a partnership last.

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“How many times, unfortunately, conflicts originate within the domestic walls due to prolonged periods of silence and from unchecked selfishness,” Pope Francis said during his address, per the Associated Press.

“Sometimes it even ends up in physical and moral violence. This lacerates harmony and kills the family.”

Pope Francis went on to urge couples who are on the verge of calling it quits to reconsider, saying: “Forgiveness heals every wound.”

“The breakdown of a marriage causes immense suffering, since many hopes are dashed, and misunderstandings can lead to arguments and hurts not easily healed,” the Pope stated. “Children end up having to suffer the pain of seeing their parents no longer together.”

While Pope Francis’ advice is undoubtedly wise and rooted in knowledge of marriage - people online were quick to crack jokes, by quote-retweeting the teasy headline and suggesting the three words he might have said...

One person suggested that it all comes down to bathroom space:

Money might be everything...

One person was particularly unromantic:

One guy just threw a bunch of internet buzzwords at the Pontiff

Check out some of the other suggestions below:

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