Man defended after his sister accuses him of 'treating his niece like a dog'

Toddler orders $200 of Starbucks on uncle’s phone

A man has been accused by his sister of treating his niece "like a dog", and has taken to Reddit to share his story to see if the internet agrees with this.

The 25-year-old posts his dilemma on Reddit's Am I the A**hole? group to see if his actions were wrong. He began by explaining how he has a 5-year-old niece Evie from his older sister Jane who is 32-years-old.

"I took her [niece] out last week to go to the zoo and give my sister and her husband a break. On our way home, we went through our local Starbucks drive-through."

He then detailed how "Evie rarely gets these drinks with my sister, mainly because they're expensive and she never finishes them, even the smaller size," and also his sister "isn't a huge Starbucks fan" either.

So when he asked Evie what she wanted, "she didn't know" and it's what the man did next that his sister had a problem with.

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"I asked her if she wanted a cup just full of whipped cream, and she got excited and said yes. So I order my drink and also got a pup cup, which is what people usually get their dogs (hence the name) and it's just a small cup of whipped cream," he wrote.

"Evie loved it and it didn't cost me anything, so I figured it was a win-win situation."

When he dropped his niece home, Evie began to tell her mum about her day with her uncle.

"When it got to going to Starbucks, my sister asked what she got and Evie said a pup cup and rambled on about how it was a cup full of just whipped cream.

The disagreement between the siblings is over the uncle giving his niece a Starbucks "pup cup" (whipped cream in a cup)iStockphoto by Getty Images

"My sister looks at me and asked if it's the one you give to dogs. I said yeah, and jokingly said 'isn't that right Evie, Evie the cutest dalmatian?'

To which Evie "laughed and pretended to bark, before running off to get their family dog to show me (a dalmatian, for reference to the joke)."

However, it soon became clear that his sister was "pissed" at him for getting her daughter a pup cup.

"She said I was a di*k for getting her daughter something meant for dogs and pretending like her daughter was a dog. She linked it back to feminism and how I was somehow degrading her and her daughter? She told me to apologise and I said no and left," he explained.

"Our dad told me that Jane was just being protective of Evie and that I should just apologise since it wasn't worth it. I plan on doing so since it's such a big deal to her, but from an un-objective standpoint, AITA?"

Since sharing his story, the guy has received hundreds of comments from people weighing in on the matter to give their verdict with many siding with him.

One person wrote: "NTA I think the whole thing is kind of cute tbh," which received over 8,000 upvotes.

"NTA, your sister went a bit overboard in her ideas of feminism," another person said. "Hell, I loved pretending I was all sorts of animals when I was younger, plus I’d still take a cup of whipped cream any day."

Someone else added: "NTA. The child enjoyed her pup cup. And my 5-year-old LOVES pretending to be a dog!"

"NTA. Just because it’s called a pup cup doesn’t mean it’s filled with dog food. It was still whipped cream she had. To link that to feminism Is such a long reach I’m shocked she didn’t throw her shoulder out," a fourth person commented.

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