People are turning semen into jewellery

People are turning semen into jewellery
Man repeatedly injects himself with semen in attempt to cure chronic back ...

If you are interested in turning your semen into jewellery (and we're not judging, here) then look no further, as it has become a rather unsettling reality.

Sculptor and jeweller Amanda Booth spoke with Vice about clients commissioning the "jizzy jewellery."

She explained that the clients would send samples of the cum to her workshop, which are then dehydrated, powdered, and turned into wearable clay beads or trinkets.

"We process them at the end of the day. Otherwise, we're sitting in the smell all day, and it's just... We did it in the morning one day, and it was just like, 'No, I'm never doing that again,'" Booth told the outlet.

Booth began her jewellery business in 2021 and makes wearable sculptures and trinkets out of people's bodily fluids and ashes.

Examples include cremated remains of loved ones and pets, breastmilk, fur and locks of hair.

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When someone commented on one of her TikTok videos asking if she ever used "man juices" to create the jewellery, Vice noted that Booth made a half-joking Facebook post about the "jizzy jewellery" - and she started receiving serious orders for it.

Booth initially tested the process out with her husband Jesse Mullin to see how much cum would be needed to add to a sculpture (apparently "at least a teaspoon" of the fluid makes for the perfect clay).

She also to-cum ratio, she noted, but the more, the better) and whether the polymer clay would sustain baking in the oven.

"It turned out fantastic," she told the outlet.

She shared a TikTok about making her first jizzy pieces of work last month, and the video went viral.


Stay tuned for results I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️

Many of Booth's customers commission the jewellery for kinks.

A client of Booth's anonymously told Vice that she and a long-term partner are "loosely part of the BDSM community" and have bracelets that act as "collars," or other jewelry pieces that generally symbolise a consensually possessive relationship.

"After researching further into the Jizzy Jewelry shop, we both thought it would be the ultimate 'you are mine' type 'collar'... It would be our little secret and inside joke," she told the outlet.

Many viewers of Booth's TikTok videos have taken to the comments to share their curiosity and also poke fun at the liquid love turned into jewellery.

One person wrote: "I'm carrying your love with meee."

"Oh my god, I love your bracelet. What is it?" "My unborn children," another quipped.

A third wrote: "Imagine complimenting someone's jewelry, and they say 'thanks, it's cuhm.'"

Someone else added: "Imagine 75 years from now finding a necklace at goodwill and not knowing it has this in it."

It is legal to mail semen, including internationally.

Booth is based in Canada, and most of her clients are in the US.

The only thing she asks of prospective customers is that they seal the goods up in a container and double bag them to prevent spills.

Cum has reportedly captivated many people's imaginations for several years.

According to a Psychology Today report, a study suggested semen has antidepressant properties, with some believing it helps to alleviate stress.

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