Fashion lovers discover they've been pronouncing 'Shein' totally wrong all this time

Fashion lovers discover they've been pronouncing 'Shein' totally wrong all this time

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Liana Satenstein

Popular fashion brands sure don’t make it easy for us to pronounce them. If you thought Nike (which rhymes with ‘spiky’, not with ‘bike’) and Adidas (more ‘AH-dee-dars’ than ‘a-DEE-dass’) were annoying enough, it turns out there’s another company name which you might have been saying wrong all this time.

Shein, the online clothing store, has two different pronunciations among its customers: either ‘shine’ or ‘sheen’ – but now confirmation from the company itself on how to say the brand’s name correctly has resurfaced online this week.

Back in May 2021, TikTok creator Katelyn Jensen shared a video in which she showed off an outfit she was wearing while in Vegas and revealed some of the clothing items were from the brand known as ‘she-in’.

The pronunciation raised eyebrows in the comments, with one individual asking if she has “been saying it wrong”.

Yes, she probably has.

Not long after her initial video, Katelyn uploaded another clip showing a comment from the Shein Twitter account, setting the story straight once and for all:

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“If anybody ever comes for me again for saying ‘she-in’, please, maybe just like do some research first,” she said.

Despite this, some were still in denial over the facts, with one writing “[I don’t care] I’m still calling it shine” and another commenting “I’m still gonna say she-en”.

Others rejoiced at Katelyn speaking the truth, but some were clearly shocked at the revelation.

“It’s not shine OMG,” wrote one, in all-caps.

Another – again in capitals - exclaimed: “Everyone told me that was wrong!”

What can we say, we’re glad we’re able to Shein a light on some important issues with our journalism. You’re welcome.

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