The top 10 best Barbiecore cars, from Chevrolet Corvettes to Fiat 500s

The top 10 best Barbiecore cars, from Chevrolet Corvettes to Fiat 500s
Margot Robbie hopes people "form an opinion" of 'Barbie' - even if …

With an influx of Barbie-mania over the past few months surrounding the movie release, the Mattel doll has transcended fashion, beauty and cars...

In just one month after the release of the official Barbie movie trailer, where Barbie (Margot Robbie) and Ken (Ryan Gosling) were shown driving through a Californian-inspired highway, search demand for pink cars went through the roof.

Firstly, ad views for pink convertibles increased by 93 per cent, while searches for Chevrolet Corvette convertibles went up by 120 per cent compared to last year on Auto Trader.

Meanwhile, Google search data shows that searches for "Barbie movie car" have spiked by 450 per cent since the official trailer was released.

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Google searches for the bright pink Corvette convertible started trending, with searches for "Barbie Corvette" rising by 80 per cent.

Auto Trader has revealed the top 10 best Barbiecore cars available on the Auto Trader website today:

1. Chrysler Windsor 1952 – the year it all began


In 1952, the first-ever Barbie was introduced to the world - and the rest is history.

Today, a mint-condition Barbie from the 1950s can be worth thousands.

So, a special year deserves a special car - like this Chrysler Windsor advertised on Auto Trader by a private seller.

It’s bubble-gum pink, retro and American, and it’s been signed by Fast N’ Loud’s Richard Rawlings.

2. Austin Healey 1962 – Barbie’s first-ever car


Barbie got her first-ever car – an Austin Healey - in 1962. And believe it or not, the Healey is available to buy on Auto Trader for £59,995.

It was released in the same year and the same colour as Barbie’s first car, so your Barbie car collection can’t get more vintage than this.

3. Fiat 500 – limited-edition Barbie Fiat


To celebrate 50 years of Barbie, Fiat launched this super-stylish, limited-edition Fiat 500 in Barbie Pink, which is available to buy on Auto Trader.

It’s super cute and the perfect car to drive your Ken around in.

What’s more, you can buy the same car’s miniature from Mattel so that your Barbie can have the same car as you.

Priced originally at £11,700, it’s up for grabs on Auto Trader for just £5,490.

4. Chevrolet Corvette – same as Barbie’s C1 generation


When we think of Barbie and Ken driving around Malibu along the palm tree-lined streets, the Chevrolet Corvette comes to mind.

In the Barbie movie too, you can see Margot Robbie driving a Chevrolet C1 Corvette from the Barbie Land to the Real World.

So, if you’re after a Chevy Corvette yourself, we’ve found the perfect match - it's the same C1 generation as Barbie’s Corvette. This fiery Red Chevy available on Auto Trader is from 1961 and is a two-seater which makes it perfect for a date night with Ken.

5. Mercedes-Benz E Class – pink limo for a Barbie party


A private seller has put this pink Mercedes-Benz E-Class up for sale on Auto Trader and it’s the perfect party vehicle to get the Barbies together.

Yes, a six-door limousine may not be practical for your day-to-day journeys in Barbie Land, but life in plastic is fantastic.

So, grab the glittery streamers and the fluffy bedsheets and come on Barbie, let’s go party!

6. Volkswagen T2 Danbury – Pink Campervan


If you’re a fan of Barbie’s DreamCamper, you’ll love this pink Volkswagen T2 Danbury advertised by a private seller on Auto Trader.

Originally owned by Richard Hammond, this Campervan comes will all the Barbie essentials for a weekend getaway, including a fridge, cooker, purple leather seats, a sunroof, pop-top with bed boards and mattress, and an Alpine Stereo to blast the Barbie movie soundtrack from.

Now the only thing we need is a water slide connecting the campervan to a pool to make it a true Barbie-style campervan.

7. Horwin EK1 bike – a modern-day moped for Barbie


For all the Barbies that like to zip around town, we’ve found the cutest, pink moped for you. And, it’s electric! The Horwin EK1 is up for grabs on Auto Trader for just £2,999.

It comes with a mobile charging point so that Ken’s always one call away, ample storage for your Barbie accessories and LED lights to make you stand out as the ultimate Barbie in the pink wonderland.

8. Hummer H3 – for all the uber-luxurious Barbies


This one is for all the fancy Barbies out there.

This Hummer H3 on Auto Trader is covered in crystals – the car’s paintwork contains crushed Swarovski Crystals mixed with the pink colour which makes this car sparkle. It’s been imported from Dubai and is on sale for £12,900.

Talk about a head-turner - we just Ken’t take our eyes off it.

9. Ferrari 328 GTS – Barbie’s first Ferrari


Barbie has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the car industry – including Ferrari.

The Ferrari 328 GTS was the first Ferrari Barbie drove. Marketed as the ‘Red-hot Barbie Ferrari’, you too can get yourself the same red car on Auto Trader because who wouldn’t love getting dolled up and hitting the town in this Ferrari?

10. Porsche 911 in Ruby Star – it’s giving Barbie


Finally, on our Barbiecore cars list is this Porsche 911. Convertible, hot pink, LED matrix headlights, heated seats and leather finishing on steering – it’s just giving Barbie

If this doesn’t convince you, read the full review of the Porsche 911 to hear what the experts have to say.

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