Mum sues school after being banned because of 'her OnlyFans'

Mum sues school after being banned because of 'her OnlyFans'
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Florida mum Victoria Triece says she's suing her son’s school because they banned her from volunteering - allegedly due to her OnlyFans.

According to a report from NBC affiliate news station WESH 2 News, Triece filed a lawsuit on Tuesday (24 January) against the Orange County Public Schools District in Orlando.

The 31-year-old model claimed the Sand Lake Elementary School principal said she wouldn’t be allowed around children on campus.

The complaint reportedly said the order “came from the Orange County Public School Board.”

Triece also accused the school of civil sexual cyber harassment and invasion of privacy, alleging that the board sent her photos to the media and staff members without her knowledge or consent.

She explained to WESH that the situation has been “difficult” because the “one joy” in her life was taken from her for “no actual reason.”

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Triece also revealed that she began an OnlyFans because she didn’t want a traditional “9 to 5” but still wanted to be “involved” in the lives of the children at the school.

“I went through a crazy breakup. I wanted to still go to school with them and be with them 24/7 and be as involved in their lives as I could be without being away from them. They’re everything to me,” she told WESH.

Triece volunteered at the school for five years and routinely passed background checks each year. She also doesn’t have a criminal record.

The model is also suing in the hopes that she will be able to volunteer again. She is also filing the lawsuit with parents in mind, wishing they don’t have to go through something like this.

Triece’s attorney Mark NeJame further explained to WESH that the situation is similar to the old days of having a “scarlet letter” essentially brand people.

“What she was doing, what she does in her off time, it’s not illegal,” he said.

A spokesperson told WESH that they don’t comment on potential and pending litigations.

This is not the first time Triece’s legal team filed a lawsuit about the situation.

In October 2021, the model announced that she was planning to sue the school board.

However, in Florida law, someone must wait six months before they can sue a governmental entity.

In 2022, Triece’s legal team filed a petition to speed up the process but were denied by a judge.

Elsewhere, in 2021, NeJame further noted that they planned to sue the board for at least $1m.

Indy100 reached out to Orange County Public Schools District via email and Triece for comment via Instagram DM.

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