Relationship expert reveals quickest way couples can regain trust after cheating
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A woman has shared how her husband has been cheating on her and discovered this bombshell through the lawyers of his mistresses's own husband.

Taking to Reddit's "Off My Chest" forum, Reddit user, “anoncheatedthrowra," who said in the comments she is from Ireland explained how she was initially "confused" when a solicitor got in touch.

"Yesterday morning I was contacted by a solicitor," she wrote. "I was confused because I don’t have [a] need for one."

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That's when she received the life-changing news, "She told me that her client is seeking a divorce from his wife due to the wife having an affair."

A woman found out her husband's affair after being contacted by the lawyer of the mistresses's husbandiStockphoto by Getty Images

“Their investigator found the affair is with my husband and the client asked the solicitor to inform me since my husband is married. She provided me with proof of the affair.”

To make matters worse, the woman explained how her brother-in-law's wedding was coming up and is expected to join her husband who is already there.

"My brother-in-law is to be married on Saturday. My husband is the best man and is already there to assist with everything," she said.

"Me and my five-month-old daughter were supposed to leave on Friday morning to join them. My husband is unaware that I know. I am shocked — but the proof is right in front of my eyes."

The woman then detailed what she plans to do next after learning this heartbreaking information.

"I haven't told anyone but I have asked my sister to come over after work. I'm going to ask if my daughter and me can stay with her. I don't think I can face him at the wedding. I don't want to hear excuses."

She added: "My sister's husband is a solicitor and while he does not do divorces I'll ask if he can recommend someone."

In the end, she concluded by saying she needs to talk with her sister but posted to Reddit as she is "mostly just getting my thoughts out on here because I feel entirely scattered."

The post has received over 18,000 upvotes as people have commented their advice and praised the woman for what she's planning to do.

One person said: "I am so sorry. That is an awful situation."

"You sound like a smart lady," another person wrote. "Get a place to stay with your child, get your ducks in a row and leave him. I'm so sorry you're going through this."

Someone else added: "I’m so sorry, I’d make sure he can’t cut you off from any shared accounts or anything…if his affair partner is about to be served with divorce papers, chances are she’ll give him a heads up and ruin any advantage you may have for knowing of his affair while he doesn’t know you know."

In a follow-up comment, the woman wrote that she plans to tell her husband she's been exposed to Covid "so I have an excuse not to go," and noted that she doesn't want to confront him at the wedding "because his brother and his brother's girlfriend are lovely people and I don't want anything to spoil their day."

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