10 foods you can eat after their sell-by date

While recent reports show that Britain throws away 4.3 million tonnes of perfectly edible food each year, one entrepreneur has managed cash-in on food that has gone past its sell-by date.

Many people tend to throw away food as soon as they see it has drifted past that magical date shown on the pack, but as Dan Cluderay - the owner of Approved Food, which sells cheap foods past their sell-by and best before dates - tells i100.co.uk, there are many instances where that is just not necessary.

Cluderay explains that the most important thing is educating the public about use-by dates (which means it's not safe to eat food after), sell-by dates (which are used by supermarkets for their own internal purposes) and best before dates (which are about optimum quality and not safety).

Cluderay was featured on ITV’s Bargain Fever Britain this week and says he believes his business has struck a chord because of "changing attitudes". "It’s all about value for money now and people see more pride in being savvy."

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