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We all try to remain on the right side of the law during our lives - no one wants to commit a crime.

Sometimes though, it's not so easy to stay on the straight and narrow - in fact, it's perfectly possible that you break the law everyday.

Simple acts like pocketing the incorrect change or beeping a car horn for a reason other than alerting traffic are all classed as illegal activity.

Even stranger laws prevent you from vacuuming after 1pm on a Sunday, and sticking a postage stamp on an envelope upside down.

In the spirit of this redditusers have been sharing the oddest laws they know of from their country or American state.

Let's kick things off with this contradictory firework law from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

According to NJ.com New Jersey Governor Chris Christie did recently legalise "non-explosive, non-aerial" fireworks.

Furthermore it's not the only peculiar law to come out of Pennsylvania.

Up next is the fact that you cannot raise a pig in Israel.

This one will disappoint a few MP's, but it is illegal to wear armour in the Houses of Parliament.

Over in Switzerland, if you want to own a guinea pig, you must own at least two - this is because loneliness can apparently kill one if left on its own.

This trio of laws from Scotland are something else.

Best think again if you plan on dragging a dead horse down Yonge street in Toronto.

Here's another strange one from Canada.

Suspicious potatoes and visits to the cinema (at least on a Sunday) are off limits in Northern Ireland.

Atheists must have a hard time of it in Vermont.

Are you an unmarried woman in Florida who want's to skydive on a Sunday? Think again.

We're not sure of what we make of the road safety laws in Luxembourg,

How are donkey's supposed to get clean in Georgia?

Hedgehogs and ferrets aren't welcome in California.

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