People are torn on whether they'd take this $215k-a-year job

People are torn on whether they'd take this $215k-a-year job
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A viral post has divided Twitter for asking if people would sacrifice their livelihoods for a $215k job.

The tweet, which has attracted hundreds of polarising views, asked whether you'd accept the base salary with a bonus of $20k – which sounds great, right? Not exactly.

The catch is you'd be required to respond to emails at 3am "right away" and you can wave goodbye to having a Christmas break.

Many people didn't hesitate in saying yes, with one claiming by the fifth year "you are guaranteed 345k base and 90k bonus".

Another Twitter user believed that sacrificing having no life for financial gain can be "very beneficial early in your career."

"The hardest part of investing into CRE is really having the money to do it in the first place," they said. "Making that kind of money at that age can be worth it but only if you transition out of it in my opinion."

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A third joked: "My cousin's law firm pays him $275k a year with a $75k bonus. Never seen that man complain once."

One person advised aspiring lawyers to take up the job because "you love law" and not to make money. He went on suggest that the golden handcuffs at big firms are "life sentences," adding that there's more money in becoming an entrepreneur if you value money and status.

However, one second-year lawyer claimed, "[the tweet] certainly isn't true".

They said: "People are really respectful of your time & are happy to cover for you. As to holiday weeks, deals are often structured to avoid work during those times."

Meanwhile, another compared it to the sad reality of being a top medical school graduate.

"Congrats, you're an intern! Base salary: $50k Bonus: And, don't forget you're on 24 hr call every third day and there are no lunch breaks," they wrote.

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