Six teenagers are running for governor in Kansas and people are inspired

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Monday 05 March 2018 13:15
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Six teenagers are running for Kansas state’s highest office.

Though the state of Kansas has strict laws relating to the voting age, it has no such prerequisite for a person who wishes to run for state office.

As a result, six school boys are in the running for the position of governor.

The first student to declare his candidacy was 16-year-old Democrat Jack Bergeson. Seventeen-year-old Republican Tyler Ruzich soon reached out to him through social media and convinced him that two teenagers representing different parties could make a real statement about Kansas city’s political climate.

Ruzich told The Washington Post that he is keen to move away from “old man principles”.

You know, lots of people ask me, what can you, Tyler Ruzich, do for people my age?” he said. "I say, we keep continuing these old man principles that aren’t working. In [Alexander] Hamilton’s time, someone my age could be commander of a frigate. Did the Founding Fathers consider that a 17-year-old might be governor? I don’t know.

Four more candidates soon followed: Libertarian Ethan Randleas (age 17), Republicans Dominic Scavuzzo (17) and classmate Joseph Tutera (16), and finally Green Party candidate Aaron Coleman (17).

As a result, a Republican state lawmaker is attempting to pass legislation that would require a minimum age of 18 for future candidates.

Republican Keith Esau, told the Kansas City Star:

We have age requirements on voters. Anybody who’s running should be able to vote for themselves.

People are inspired.

H/T The Washington Post

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