If you’re of a certain age, you might remember playing the classic boxing video game Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! on the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

Before the age of flashy 3D graphics, it’s unique timing-based gameplay made it probably the greatest boxing game of its era.

But playing now, don’t you wish that instead of punching a fictional boxer with a name like Soda Popinski, you were actually pummelling an icon of the Alt-Right?

Well, Café have made this brilliant parody of the game called Pepe’s Punch-Out!! It is clearly inspired by Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer getting socked in the face - though instead of aiming for Spencer’s smug mug, you instead go up against everyone’s least favourite stoner-cartoon-character-turned-hate-symbol, Pepe The Frog.

Picture: Cafe

You get two options – to try and engage in a reasonable debate with Pepe, of fight him.

Picture: Cafe

It’s a pretty good little clone of Punch-Out!!, if surprisingly difficult.

Picture: Cafe

You can play it here. And for no reason at all, here is Richard Spencer getting punched in the face again.

HT: AV Club

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