This student opened his A-level results on live TV, it didn't go well

This student opened his A-level results on live TV, it didn't go well

Two best friends opened their A-level results together on live TV on Thursday morning.

Kids, this is always a bad idea. No matter how confident you are that you've got the results, Murphy's law dictates that anything that could possibly go wrong, will go wrong.

Just don't invite the cosmic retribution.

Liam Scroggie discovered this when he needed an A and two B's to get into Queen's University to study politics.

When asked on ITV's national live breakfast programme Good Morning Britain if he got the required results, he replied:

No, I got a B, a C, a B and a D.

I don't know what will happen now.

He was asked what his options were and he said:

I don't know yet but when this is finished I'll have a look. At the end of the day you win or lose you're on the booze.

We'll find out what's going on and then just see what happens.

People on Twitter sympathised:

Thankfully, he'd been given a place at his second choice of Hull University, although sadly he missed his first choice studying politics at Queen's University in Belfast.

Our congratulations, sympathies, and best wishes go to all students receiving results today.

It's important to be optimistic, even if the future looks dark.

This kid especially is going far.

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