A list of all the people calling for Blair to be prosecuted for war crimes

As the release of the Chilcot report causes furious debate in parliament and the rest of the world, who should take responsibility for the decisions that led to the invasion of Iraq despite the absence of weapons of mass destruction.

Back in May, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn made a scathing statement as he called for Tony Blair to be tried for war crimes ahead of the report's release.

And while his address in parliament earlier today made no explicit reference to Tony Blair, he did say:

The House was misled and must decide how to deal with it 13 years later... all those [implicated] in the Chilcot report must face up to the consequences of their actions – whatever that may be.

Screengrab via parliamentlive.tv

A number of petitions and campaigns call for Tony Blair to be arrested and charged for war crimes, and there are number of people who share this view - several of whom have reiterated their stances today.

1. Jeremy Corbyn (Labour leader)

2. Alex Salmond (former SNP leader)

3. Jim Sillars (former SNP deputy leader)

4. Ken Loach (Director)

5. Richard Dawkins (Scientist)

6. Jonathan Cooke (Journalist)

7. Dr Nawal al-Saadawi (Writer)

8. Mark Steel (Journalist)

9. Noam Chomsky (Academic)

10. Bruce Kent (British political activist)

11. Elfyn Llwyd (Former Plaid Cymru MP and barrister, part of a 2004 drafting team to impeach Tony Blair)

12. Lord Douglas Hurd (Conservative Party elder)

Blair, in a statement released in response to the report, said it proved that allegations of "deceit" and "bad faith" were unfounded.

In a hastily called media conference on Wednesday he said that the decision to go to war was the most "agonising" of his premiership.

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