A map of life expectancy in the US and Europe

The UK ranks in the bottom half of the EU for life expectancy - despite being the second richest country.
The US on average has a lower life expectancy at birth than EU countries - but has less disparity between states than the EU does.
On average, a baby born today in the EU can be expected to live to 80, and a baby born in the US can expect to live to 78 and 9 months.

Those living in Hawaii have the longest life expectancy in the US, with an average expectancy of 81.2 years.

In the South of the Unites States, the average age is lowest. Those in Mississippi have an average life expectancy of 75, and it's neighbouring states of West Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana and Oklahoma are all in the bottom 5 for shortest lives - all with life expectancies of less than 76.

In the EU, those living in Spain and Switzerland have the longest life expectancies. Those lucky enough to be born in either country can expect to live to 83.3 years

Those in the UK, Ireland and Belgium have a life expectancy of 81.4 years, placing them joint 16th in the table.

Eastern and Central Europe has the lowest rankings for anywhere in the EU. Those in Bulguria and Latvia only living to an average of 74.5 years.

Data from EuroStat and Measure of America

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