A mum blogger wrote about doing The Talk with her son after he heard her having sex

A mum blogger wrote about doing The Talk with her son after he heard her having sex

No matter how sexually liberated this world has become; it is a truth universally acknowledged that the “sex talk” with your child is going to be an awkward mess.

Unless you’re Mel Watts – in which case it’s a traumatic event permanently etched into the family’s collective psyche.

Watts, who has a blog called The Modern Mumma, had been trying to find a way to give her nine-year-old son Ayden The Talk when the decision was stolen from her.

You see, the walls of her house are very thin.

And her son heard her.You know, having sex.

Face, meet palm.

She outlines the mortifying affair on Facebook, and if you can get through this without your body physically cringing away from the screen, you are a hero:

He was about to walk out the door for school and I didn't exactly want to be his Friday news day 'My mum and dad wanted a baby, but dad wasted his load and it was terrible because mum nearly peed on dads penis.'

And if that wasn't enough to traumatise everyone involved, when Ayden's biological father Ryan came to pick him up, he said:

I heard mum and dad making a baby last night.

Ayden's birthday is mere days away.

Happy birthday.

Almost 2,000 people on Facebook reacted to the post, probably with shock. Then horror.

And finally, nonstop screaming.

indy100 has contacted Mel Watts for more information about what is quite frankly a scarring incident.

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