Raglan Road Irish Bar/Facebook

An Irish bar in Nottingham has made gained lots of attention for installing a headshot of Donald Trump in its urinal.

The Raglan Road made the adjustment to the men's room in August, as they demonstrated in updates on their Facebook page.

The pub actually had a different headshot prior to the one most publicised on social media - but it was stolen by a punter.

When asked what happened to the other sign, The bar commented:

Someone ripped off, hope they used gloves!

The previous image appears to have been from Trump's headshots as a judge on The Apprentice:

Ruth Beraki, manager of the pub, told the Nottingham Post

I think we decided to put it up there because the owners and customers didn't agree with Trump's point of view and because we believe Nottingham is a multicultural and mixed, vibrant city.

We disagree with a lot of Trump's views.

The idea seems to have been based on the idea trialled by Channel Four's the Last Leg in which people were invited to show their derision for the Republican nominee race in the Three Stags in Kennington, London.

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